The future of
air conditioning

The world’s first full sized molecular sieve and water based air conditioner.

OxiCool has developed air conditioning technologies that can be applied to an array of applications in both the commercial and military spaces. Originally invented and patented jointly with the US Navy, the technology significantly lowers the operating and maintenance costs of air conditioning. For the past three years, OxiCool has been working under a Joint Development Agreement with a large and reputable US truck manufacturer.


of world’s air conditioners use
harmful gases

is the Global Warming Potential of
most current refrigerants

is the Global Warming Potential of the
OxiCool refrigerant

instantaneous decrease in
liquid temperature


Instantaneously cools liquids.

At the Marine Corps’ 2012 ExFOB event, OxiCool showcased an on-demand potable liquid cooler that cooled water from 115F to 60F instantaneously using no electricity.

of fuel costs saved by using
OxiCool technology


Existing competitive systems do not meet market needs.

TruckCool™ provides stable performance over longer run times than the competition with lower operating costs.

is the potential reduction of real load
on the electrical grid


By deploying our technology in homes and small buildings,

HomeCool™ can reduce the real load on the electrical grid.